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I'm right there with you, man

I saw Episode Three at quarter past midnight on the day it came out. I couldn't believe that Industrial Light and Magic were making these amazing backrounds, fight scenes, and characters but we were still seeing circle wipes and line wipes and those weird checkerboard wipes. I don't want to see the conclusion of the most awesome trilogy of recent memory using editing tricks that I can do myself in iMovie.

Hahaha very clever

It took me a second, I admit, to get the joke. I thought it was just the same old thing about performance art being a hoax, but the punchline was really clever. (SPOILER: for those that don't get it, the artist's mother told him that his poo was like a miracle and he was great, like all mothers tend to do. That is why he can make crap today that no one likes but be assured that they just don't understand his brilliance) Anyway, graphics and sound were good too, although the PR woman's voice was kind of annoying.

Great Job

I didn't laugh... but only because I've heard this song like a million times before so no offence to you. I would have given you a higher score if you used the full song. There's a whole other verse you left out. Besides that, though, I loved how you went about animating this song. Lots of clever transitions and good syncing too.

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Oh My God... it's 4 AM

I spent six fucking hours playing this???? No way! Well, it was addictive I guess. I finally beat it. I beat the crap out of it. My Newgrounds account in the SIM is way better than my real one. Hell, it's better than anyone's real account. Ultimately I found it to be unsatisfying. No way in Hell would I ever play it again....

Why does everybody like this game?

I beat it without even trying. Crappy button-mashy. Oh yeah, and even if you're fighting him, putting Hitler in your movie or game is never appropriate.


Most of that score is for the concept. I've seen that movie before, I know it. Wasn't Mathew Broderick in it? Anyway the gameplay was boring and uneventful. Sorry, but that's what you get for presenting a twenty year old game style.

RobSuperSonic responds:

ok, thanks.
now go and watch some more stick animations , its "modern" isn't it ?
silly person...

I've actually made movies and I know how hard it is, so don't get pissed if you don't like my review.

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